We want to support you to the fullest of our ability. While consulting on a per passage basis can be a cost effective way to limit errors, it may not address all issues. Having the context of the full manuscript will help us identify subtle issues that may slip into your work.

Unless specifically directed to perform research for you, we will assume that the weapons you assign to an agency are the weapons used by that agency. Research performed by TactiQuill will be restricted to the specifications and mechanics of the weapon system used in the manuscript or passage, the cost of which is included in the per word pricing.

Likewise, TactiQuill assumes that the training level and skills of your characters are accurate to the characters’ history.

1. Analyze and critique action sequences
Armed and unarmed combat
2. Identify firearms mistakes
Weapon specs
Weapon manipulation by characters
Weapon usage
Weapon pronouns
3. Character actions vs level of training
4. Plot / action / scenario analysis
5. Review of all rewrites to the submission
6. Mention anything that raises a question from the point of view of our experience and training.
7. Written review of the work (Manuscript only)
TactiQuill provides firearms and tactical advice at the following rates:

  • .015 Per word / 2000 word minimum ($30).

  • $3 per page / 10 page minimum ($30)

  • Phone/Video conference $125 per hour. (Plot / character / scenario development / firearms advice)

We will provide our comments and suggestions in whatever manner or format you prefer. The options are now, but not limited to:
Comments inserted into the manuscript
Comments typed directly into the manuscript
Emailed passage clipping with corresponding comments and suggestions

If / when we encounter an error we will note the error and why it is an error, then offer suggestions on how to fix the error. These suggestions will range from removing sentences or terms from a passage, through weapon replacement (if possible), to suggesting changing character actions to create the dramatic effect you are looking for.

A note on Item 5. We know that the end product of a rewrite can be very different from the original. You will have continuing support through the process of that section. We will review the rewrite at no extra charge. Our goal is to get it right, no matter what it takes.

I’m currently working in Word, but I can download any program to suit your needs.

We can invoice you via PayPal or through any other means that is more convenient. We understand that our services can be a sizable investment towards the accuracy of your work. As such, we are flexible with payment schedules.

You’ve paid us for a service. Mentioning us in the credits is not necessary, but it would be nice if you want to.

Final Legal Words:
Using our services will not insure the financial success of your work, as much as we wish it could.