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Scott Sigler:
I'm a writer. I can create plots that will make your head spin, but many of those plots involve guns. My lack of experience with firearms showed in my fiction, causing glaring errors that took many readers out of the story. In short, my knowledge of guns came from movies and TV, two sources not known for their dedication to realism. Enter the Grall: Chris not only read my work, patiently explained what I had wrong and suggested corrections, he took me to the range to show me the realities of firearm use. He has become my first reference for all things weapon-related.

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A.J. Colucci:
“Chris was a fantastic weapons consultant for my debut novel. He paid attention to every detail and his suggestions made a big difference to the accuracy of the story.  It was a relief to find someone so friendly, professional and knowledgeable, who I could trust one hundred percent."
-A.J. Colucci, Author of THE COLONY (2012 St. Martin’s Press)

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Elin Barnes:
Thank you for reading my book with fresh eyes, and for working relentlessly on all the pieces that weren’t quite working. Thank you for creating such awesome scenarios on PowerPoint (I’m very visual, and those helped so much!). Thank you for brainstorming with me and for not giving up, even when I was whiny and stubborn! Your weapons, police-procedure and military-procedure knowledge has been incredibly valuable in making my book much more realistic than it would have been. You are definitely an incredible asset for any author working in mysteries or thrillers.

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E.G. Michaels:
As a retired Special Forces soldier, your insights and expertise on firearms, explosives, and bomb making were critical in writing this book. Thanks again for making sure I didn’t mess up the technical details I shared and still help me ensure this work of fiction didn’t become a “how to” book on explosives or bomb making.