What is TactiQuill
TactiQuill is a team of firearms and military specialists dedicated to providing authors, screenwriters and other media professionals with the expertise they need to write factual content regarding guns, military, Special Operations Forces tactics and culture.
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“In Elizabethan times, if the swordfight were not done convincingly, the audience would mock or boo the actors off the stage.”

How We Can Help
For an author, realistic portrayal of gun scenes is as important as writing good plotlines and characterization. Professional novelists know that publishers expect accuracy, and improperly describing a weapon will often result in negative reviews. Whether your character is an expert in the use of a pistol, rifle, or heavy duty firearms, you want to reflect their expertise.  That means using the proper jargon in the right context. Our team can review your manuscript and make any necessary corrections to ensure your copy is spot on.
You want your action scenes to be packed with energy and excitement, accuracy and suspense.  We can help you develop action scenes that capture the true experience and emotion of the fight. Our services range from minor editing to full consultations, making recommendations such as weapon make/model/caliber, capacity of bullets, loading technique, types of safety. We can explain how the gun operates, as well as offer unique and realistic descriptions of gunplay.

We offer services to:
Fiction and non-fiction authors
Television producers
Video game producers
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Services Include:
Content Editing